Ten months NOT 9

Its been a while… Three months to be exact. It’s okay there is a good reason, I was growing a tiny human.

Eoghan Patrick came into this world on Saturday 23rd July 2016 at 06:59 weighing 7lb 5 a whole lb heavier than his big brother.

Physically the pregnancy was plain sailing, mentally it was challenging. At my twelve week appointment the consultant had a rather impressive bed side manor.  My maternity file from my 1st pregnancy wasn’t updated correctly and read IUGR (growth restriction). When I politely corrected him, simply stated no, my son was 6lb4 at 37 weeks with a APGAR score of nine, let’s just say he wasn’t best impressed, this started the appointment off on the wrong foot. For the remainder of the appointment he was firmly sat on his high horse shaming me for even considering falling pregnant while prescribing three different forms of medication, in his words, my body was failing me.  I apparently had pre-eclampsia, something that starts at 24 weeks, yet I was being told I had it at 12 weeks.  I knew my body and I knew I had nothing bar a serious case of white coat syndrome. I tried to explain this a number of times, but he clearly had a crystal ball that aloud him to look to the future to pre diagnose me.

After a lot of tears and a long chat with my husband, I made a plan of action. I rang my aunt who is a nurse and asked her to monitor my blood pressure for a week. Then I got my geek on and researched the prescriptions. Now I’m the kind of person who doesn’t even take a painkiller. I suffered badly with HG, spending most of my days near a toilet being sick, up to 27 weeks, I lost a total of 22kg and I still refused anti sickness tablets.  I can’t stand pharmaceutical medicine, it has its place when needed and I try to avoid that route all together. General practitioners don’t look at the whole problem they mask the symptoms by writing a script. Common sense knows that won’t help, you need to look at what’s causing the symptoms.

So after a week of normal blood pressure readings I toddled into my doctor, she’s one of the good ones.. I told her everything well blubbered everything to her.  She couldn’t believe how I was treated and told me I done the right thing by not taken the tablets, then got me transferred.

All was perfect sailing to 25 weeks the GTT test.. I failed, over a fasting level of 5.2 My bloods after the glougose was perfectly normal and well under range! I then discovered they lowered the fasting level from 6.0 to 5.1.. However if I lived in certain parts of the U.K. I would of passed.  I agreed to monitor myself through the pregnancy just incase, and guess what.. I never had any high readings even after porridge with strawberries, raspberries and chocolate spread (it’s like Nutella, the organic version) my reading was only 6.6. I didn’t change my diet in any way.

Because my notes where not updated from Darraghs pregnancy and because they labled me with GD every doctor I met was heart struck on inducing me. I politely declined, three times.

I knew my body, I conceived without even trying to fall pregnant. When a women’s body can conceive it is more than capable to carry. I trusted it, I knew that when my baby was ready to be born my body would labour. Fear needs to be removed from pregnancy and birth, that’s when doubt sets in and problems start. Our subconscious doesn’t know the difference between fiction and nonfiction. This is why afrimations work so well.

To any pregnant women out there reading this, never ever doubt the ability of your body to carry and birth.  I trusted and believed in it, I didn’t need any medication and I birthed naturally without any pain relief.

All because I had a higher BMI every consultant put me in a box and told me X, Y and Z would go,wrong with me.  It didn’t..

To every women, know your ability, listen to your intuition we are a fierce force of nature, our bodies are truly remarkable and we don’t half give them the credit they deserve or the love they deserve. Check in with your body tell it how awesome it is even the wobbly bits.. Give it respect and love and it will take you very far..