In The Beginning

I guess I should thank my mother for an awesome up brining.  I was so fortunate to be raised outside the box, learning about angels, got reflexology treatments, kinesiology treatments, homoeopathy and list goes on.

Its been a long meandering path for me, always dipping in and out of my inner hippie. The real journey started when I gave birth to the most perfect human being in the world, Darragh, our son, ever so slightly biased. It still amazes me how my body created such perfection.  There can only be one logic answer, I’m a bad ass goddess.

Having this little ball of awesomeness cradled in my arms, kick started my mothering intuition instantly. My job from now on was to protect him and keep him safe while making sure we all lived a better life style too.                         Huge massive thank you to my mother again, I learned how to develop my inner roar, also known as my bullshit radar.

Its not all been fairy dust and unicorns. I developed prenatal depression at 32 weeks pregnant, which turned into pretty dark post natal depression after I gave birth.  You may of read that and though hold on there lady, how the frig can you pin point it. At 32 weeks pregnant I was told Darragh was IGUR, with our family history I thought the worst. It wasn’t until after Darraghs 1st birthday I finally admitted to myself something was wrong and I needed help. Long story short I kung fu kicked its big ugly ass and in true hippie style, au naturel.

In creating this blog I hope to help as many women as possible suffering from any form of depression and to encourage more people to live a gentle natural life, by cutting out the crap.


2 thoughts on “In The Beginning

  1. My mum used to take me to the spiritualist church every Tuesday when I was growing up.
    She also did a lot of reflexology, believed very much so in herbal healing and the power of crystals and stones.

    It is a lovely way to be brought up!

    I haven’t ever suffered with PND however have had depression in the past and it is a dark place to be.
    I don’t know where I would be now if I didn’t have my girls!

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